I used frontline according to directions and it caused a chemical burn on my dog causing pain, raw bloody skin and loss of her hair and skin.Now she has bald spots there which are still sensitive to touch and sun shining on it.

Its embarrassing also when i get asked if she has mange. I dont want other animals to suffer like Isis has. At the time of application, she freaked out and ran away. I thought she was being silly simply because she felt liquid on her skin.

I also applied it to my other dog. I then left for work, not realizing it possible she was getting burned. In the following two weeks it went from sensitive to touch to scabby toher fur and skin coming off in chunks, leaving raw bloody painful lesions. The raw skin has closed over leaving her seemingly permanently scarred with bald spots.

My other dog reacted differently. She developed rashy patches that were painful to touch, as if the poison were making its way out of her body. Something has to be done about this.

There are no warnings on the pkg advising to test a tiny drop for reaction, and how to treat it if there are problems.They should state that negative side effects are even possible and something to watch for.i had never had issues with other tick drops we have used in the past.

Review about: Merial Flea Control.


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Clyde, New York, United States #1271714

The same has happened to my Great Pyrenees who has white hair and pink skin. I feel so bad for her, the only comfort we have is that it's winter and she won't be bothered by flies... so pissed

Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States #1181844

Our golden had the same problem with chemical burn and GI upset after using the frontline plus flea and tick application.We did not understand this as he started with vomiting and diarrhea within 24 hours with his normal lifestyle.

Then we happened to see the burn on the applied spot in the next 2 days as his fur is dense.

Luckily its healing well.Never will use the frontline again, and warn all my friends and family against using it.

Odenville, Alabama, United States #1058985

It's happening as we speak to my mini shin tzu.About 2 weeks ago when I was living elsewhere they had a little cat, little did I know they also had a flea infestation!!!!!

It got so had my little Mia started walking weird as if shew was about to have a seizure. Then she got so exhausted from staying up all the scratching she would go completely limp in my arms. My heart is absolutely torn apart.

She means so much to me I can't stand to see her in pain any longer and you said your dog got worse?!?Idc if the vet thinks I'm nuts I'm taking her in today if possible.


For one thing, if you applied according to directions, it should've been applied to the back of neck near the shoulderblades...NEVER where they can lick it, and only in one spot...I agree w/ most comments above, this can happen with ANY topical medication on animals, even flea sprays, collars, shampoos, etc...I have recently switched to NexGard, a chewable option for fleas and ticks...with no problems.Much easier than applying, when I can give it to them as a "treat", lol!

I've never had any of my (several) critters react to Frontline Plus, but have worked in a vet clinic for 7yrs and the ONLY reactions I've seen like this have came from Hartz or Sergeant's product, or some other cheap fake off of a dollar store rack, have also seen lots of allergic reactions to flea collars! I feel sorry for your furbaby, and hope she is feeling better by now!

I'm sure ANY man made product can have it's own possible reactions, and it sucks that we can't even trust the FDA approved stuff for us people nowadays...if your vet can confirm that Frontline DID cause this, Merial WILL pay your vet bills!!!They are a great company, and I have dealt with them personally at the clinic I work at for the past 7yrs...they do extensive studies, and if stuff is going bad I'm sure they'd like to know about it, so they can investigate/keep track themselves...

to Anonymous Bartlett, Illinois, United States #992027

I have a friend who two weeks ago had the same thing happen to her Border Collie and once again, it was Frontline.Then, I saw a Facebook post from a woman in St.

Charles post a picture of the very gruesome burn that her dog got from Frontline. There is absolutley something seriously wrong with the batch of Frontline out there currently.

How can Frontline NOT be aware of this and why are there no recalls for this product.Beware!

to Anonymous #1014138

The directions for my treatment states 5 small dabs along the spine.It even shows the a diagram.

They don't want a concentration in one area.

That being said, our dog also got a raw spot from her treatment.I will be looking into another treatment.

Van Nuys, California, United States #920633

That is not a chemical burn, that is an allergic reaction you ***.All medications will have a very small percentage of animals who will be allergic.

Had you been an intelligent and responsible pet owner you would realize any new topical medication should be tested on the pet first. ( a very small dose placed on a tiny part of the animals skin).

Don't blame Meriel because you are a irresponsible pet owner and ***.You have no one to blame but your own ignorance to common sense.

to GaryMedoula12 #989195

Dude, your response was dreadfully inappropriate and you really should apologize for your rudeness.What happened to her had happened to many people recently.

You need to learn manners and respect.Until you do, you should stop responding with such insensitive remarks.

to GaryMedoula12 #989567

GaryMedoula12, you seem to be the ignorant one here since apparently you didn't do any research on the many many dogs that the chemical burn has happened to recently.It's all over Google and there are pictures and stories all over Facebook.

And it's not people who are using it for the first time, it's long time users and has nothing to do with people being irresponsible pet owners.They indeed ARE responsible because they are trying to prevent their dogs from Your comment was very rude and dis-respectful and I agree that you should apologize to her for your comments and tone.

to Anonymous #1059002

Can I GET an amen...gosh I absolutely love it when people stand up and come together for the good people when injustices are done, even as simple as on facebook.

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