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I have used Frontline for many years on many dogs and cats. I have a pomeranian that it just isn't working on.I blamed his long hair.

Then I recently realized it isn't working on my short haired dog either. I was horrified when giving the short haired dog a bath when the water ran red with blood from the blood sucking fleas. My poor dog! I thought she was protected.

After spending $150 to flea treat my house and yard and all 5 cats and dogs with a spray this time, we still have fleas! Have the fleas become immune to the chemical? Are they now SUPERFLEAS? The worst part is that we have to wait now to try another product like Advantix or something.

The spray is supposed to last 2 weeks and I get 1-2 days relief at the most. I am concerned about the large amount of chemical on my little 5 lb Pomeranian, but they are literally driving him (and us) insane. We can't get any sleep.

It was good to know we are not the only ones experiencing this. Too bad we all spent so much money for nothing!

Has anyone found a different product that does work to eradicate the little bastards?

Product or Service Mentioned: Merial Flea Control.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #1254235

You should be very thankful that the product didn't work. We have a class action lawsuit against Merial in the making.

We should hear from the EPA in June of 2017. This product has caused many many pets to die and have bad side effects. Be thankful your pets weren't one of them. Please go to our FB page at Frontline/Frontline products a Neuro-Toxic Poison and read about the side effects.

Or go to our website at frontlineproductssilentkillers.com.

If your pets has suffered because of this please go to the contact us page and fill out the form there and join our fight to get this off the market. Thank you

Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States #1230937

I have used front line plus purchased at costcos Brick N.J for the last 5 years ..

However , this year the price went up and it don't work .. I have bought 2 six months supplies with no results ..

I never checked the formula never thought I had too ..

Just wondering did Costco buy out front line plus package their formula in the front line plus package and take their Kirkland product off the shelf's because that stuff was half the price but never worked just like this front line plus , not working .. Just wondering ???

San Angelo, Texas, United States #1216509

My cat had a terrible reaction to Frontline Plus. I won't use it again.

What may I ask is a reasonable alternative?

to Anonymous Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #1254237

Please join our fight to get this off the market. We need your help.

Go to our website at frontlineproductsilentkillers.com and then to the contact us page and fill out the form there.

We have a class action law suit pending with Merial. Thank you.


The formula hasn't changed, that's the problem. Fleas and ticks have grown immune to the treatment


I live in North Dakota, and I have used Frontline since the first year I moved here in 2000. It has ALWAYS worked to keep the ticks away for at least a month & a half.

But this year, 2015, I started seeing ticks on them after about 2 weeks. The PRICE sure hasn't changed!

Does anybody know of an address to write to the company at?

Maybe if enough people complained to them they'd change it back again. It is OBVIOUS that SOMETHING has changed!!

Texas, United States #928207

Same problem, have used Frontline Plus for years with no problems and last few months it has done nothing, my dogs are scratching, have fleas and even found a tick on one dog. What has changed with this product? And what can I switch to that will be effective and safe!

to B***et house #1004849

I am also having the same issues,it's seems they have changed the formula ! I am going to try the advantix

to Anonymous #1202899

Same issues here!

Durham, North Carolina, United States #887784

I'm having the same problem. Ira always been my product of choice.

This is two months straight and it's not touching them. Really disappointed Asking vet what to switch to and sharing everywhere I can so that others don't spend the money with no results


I can not believe what I am reading! I have been using frontline for about 15 years and have and total success.

what are you people do ing wrong?

Obviously, your homes got infected. Good luck with that.

to FurIsFlyin #877311

"have and total" s/b "have had total" Yahoo and their word correction.

to FurIsFlyin #890870

frontline changed !!!

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