Dear Frontline, I have been buying Frontline plus for my dogs for a long time. It has always done an awesome job until this year.

I spent $56.00 for three tubes. Put it on my dogs and nothing happened. They still have fleas and now they are in my house and I am now battling hot spots where my dogs have been chewing fleas. Not only am I upset about the money, as I am not made out of money but I am upset that my poor dogs still have fleas.

What's the deal? Have you changed something and not bothered to tell anybody?8

Monetary Loss: $56.

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In my honest opinion, it bred SUPER FLEAS. It don't work anymore cuz the fleas built up an immunity to it.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #683579

same problem here,spent a lot of money ,not working,used to work years ago ,not anymore

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