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Switched my jack Russell terrier over to the Frontline Tritak after visiting my vets office & they no longer sold the Frontline Plus (which I've always given my dogs with NO reactions) Within 2hours after applying the first dose ever of the Tritak, my jack was loosing his mind.Running around like he was trying to escape from his own skin, agitated, as if someone was pinching him on the back at regular intervals; trying to scratch his back but unable to reach.

He honestly couldn't sit still for 5 seconds. Took him to urgent care at my vets office....where after $150 in charges, he was bathed & given a diphenhydramine (benedryl) shot to help calm his reaction. They said it was an allergic reaction to the added ingredient in the new Tritak product. I have since been online reading the reviews, and boy oh boy, do I wish I'd researched this ahead if time!

Apparently this is a common reaction in smaller dog breeds. I honestly never thought twice when I purchased the Tritak product as it appeared to just be a variant or 'improved' Frontline Plus product, which I had trusted the name Frontline for years. DO NOT use the product labeled Frontline Tritak it includes an added ingredient cyphenothrin which claims to repel ticks & start killing fleas, lice within 1-2 hours of application. Well in my case it quickly proved dangerous within hours!

Up all night with my agitated doggy giving him regular doses of benedryl to keep him settled.Very disappointed!

Monetary Loss: $200.


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Johnson City, Tennessee, United States #1322855

We gave Frontline Tritak to both of our dogs - Ellie Mae 7 year old Golden Retriever and Rosebud - 2 year old chocolate Lab.Both weigh approx 55-60lbs.

Ellie Mae had no issues - but Rosie has had excessive itching, rolling, grumbling, licking a hot spot at base of her tail. ugh. She swam 3 times at the lake this weekend, I've had her on benadryl and an anti-biotic for the hot spot.

All because I wanted to use a Frontline product.Very very disappointed.

Grants Pass, Oregon, United States #1274141

I have been using Frontline for years with no issues.I used Tritak for the first time four days ago on my 12 pound Chihuahua.

He has been acting psychotic ever since. I bathed him and gave him Benadryl with no improvement. I took him to the vet yesterday where they gave him a cortisone shot and gave me some anti-itch spray. Still no improvement.

He is constantly running around the house whining and yiping.

No idea what to do next or how long this will last!No more Tritak for me!

Excelsior Springs, Missouri, United States #1183465

I have just gone through the same thing with my long haired chihuahua.It's the weekend and the nearest ER is 45 mins.

to an hour away.

We got no sleep last night and when she tries to lay down her whole body jerks out of control so she walks around and around the couch.Today is a little better but she is barking and crying and having trouble sitting still.


Wow, now I know what's wrong with my dog! My dog who is 90 lbs had the same symptoms.


Same with my 19 lb Westie and 13 lb maltipoo.Never had an issue with frontline plus though.

My Westie ran around rubbing his back on anything and my maltipoo didn't show any discomfort.

But 3 days later, I noticed a huge red scabby rash at the application site on the maltipoo.This was the same rash that appeared when I first applied Tritak for the first month but didn't think anything of it.


My shih tzu the same exact reaction and now he seems to have a large scab in the area it was applied, he won't even let us touch the area, it has been over a week, has anyone else's pup got a scab like this?


By the way we were told by the vet these symptoms/reactions could last up to 3 days.


We have had the same experience with our 3yr old mini Snoodle.However a muscle relaxer was prescribed as the benedryl did not help aleve any of the symptoms.

We were also told to wash him in Dawn dish detergent.STAY AWAY from this product!!!!


I just experienced the symptoms with my mini dachshund.He was going CraZy!

I realized hours later, he was having a reaction to Tritak.

Immediately rinsed him off!Took about 24hrs till I started to see a real improvement

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1135765

Same reaction for our dog. Ours a large (75 lb) poodle mix -- so it's not confined to small dogs.

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