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A month or so ago we purchased our annual flea and tick preventatives for all of our furbabies.. 2 dogs and 3 cats.

I usually get Frontline for the cats, but this year they only were offering the Frontline Plus Gold, no biggie right, Just more protection? HAH! I placed the medication on my 15 year old cat first and watched her squirm like I had doused the devil with holy water. Thinking that maybe she had an open sore in the area and that eventually the sting would quit and she would be fine we turned her loose.

She actually hid in the house for several hours before we found her and she had bit, chewed and pulled out hair all over her neck, face and shoulder area.

I have since been awaiting a vet appointment to have her looked at and am currently trying to keep her from itching, biting and pulling out her hair in clumps with small doses of Benadryl. I am so disgusted with this medication and what it has done to my poor baby girl...

Product or Service Mentioned: Merial Frontline Gold Flea Control.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Very upset and disappointed. As a full time vet tech working in a not so stellar vet clinic formerly our rep offered free samples for our pets.

When applied a dose to my flame point siamese he had severe skin burn and hair loss and very itchy - this product should be pulled.

How is this helping our pets - when it is causing nothing but aggrevatuon to pet and owner and causing our furries discomfort to an extreme. Not worth it - will never use one of the topical products again as a preventative :(

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