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I gave Tritak for the first time to my Shih Tzu, I had been using Frontline Plus for 7 yrs with no adverse affects, this Tritak causes her to try to get out of her skin, this started at 9pm, no vet open at that time unless I drive 60+ miles I started rubbingher back and this helped very much. I continue to rub her back until after 4 am when she seemed to be able to tolerate the itching and I fell asleepand she didn't wake me up.

This was a horrible experience, I was very scared she would get worse. I should have read the reviews and I would never have given it to her. I trusted the makers of frontline, never again. You were very wrong to put my dog and me through this.

You should take this product off the market and do a recall on the rest of the product. I gave her an allergy pill at about 10 pm, didn't help. At 3:30 am I gave her another allergy pill and a pain pill it helped so she could tolerate my not rubbing her back.

She woke me up at 8 am wanting me to again scratch her back. It is now 10 am and she seems to be back to normal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Merial Frontline Tritak Flea Control.

Reason of review: dogs bad reaction to medicine.

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